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3 Car Sex Tips and Cameron Diaz

In The Counselor, there is a scene where Cameron Diaz has the most astonishing car sex EVER. The Ridley Scott directed movie with Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender is memorable for many reasons, but Cameron humping a Ferrari steals the show. Car sex is a challenge. It’s like a struggle to overcome some unexpected difficulty, like saving a poodle from a burning house, or crossing a river

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Waking Bella

From The Secret Life of Girls When I entered the woodshed, Mr Lawrence was preparing cuttings, trimming them with a knife with a worn shiny blade. He glanced up, nodded as he relit his roll-up, then continued whistling. In the air was the tang of cut grass, wood polish and the moth ball smell of old Jake, the Labrador, sitting immobile like a black statue beside the bench. Tools with wooden

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Why Men Love Blowjobs While Driving

Men love blowjobs more than life. I once had a boyfriend who would get an erection driving fast and would only slow down when the heat in his blue jeans was doused in the cooling waters of my mouth. Unlike vaginal and anal sex, blowjobs have a calming effect. A guy engulfed in your mouth just lays back and lets all anxiety evaporate. He doesn’t have to worry about staying

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Is Virtual Sex in the Cyber Zones Possible? – Saul Wolfe

When Howard Rheingold wrote Virtual Reality over twenty years ago, speculating about how digital technology might create totally immersive on-line virtual sex, the possibility of enjoying multi-sensory copulation with some remote entity on the internet seemed wildly implausible. Sexual encounters were confined to textual exchanges, often pseudonymous, in obscure chat-rooms. The technical obstacles to creating convincing ‘teledildonics’ environments seemed insuperable. Now the technology for immersing you in at least two

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Will Having An Affair Save My Marriage?

Having an affair puts a sparkle in your eyes. An affair makes you go out and buy new shoes with an extra spring in the step. When you’re having an affair you get thinner without trying. The lines around your eyes disappear. Your skin glows. If you are having an affair, it could save your relationship. If you are not having an affair, and your relationship is rocky, then perhaps

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Connecting the Unknown Self to the Self – by Bliss Lost

We have our known self and our unknown self. Life is a journey connecting the known self to our hidden unknown self. We can be shocked and horrified by whom we truly are. Being shocked and horrified is determined by the environment within which we were born and raised. My first and last gay experience was when I was teenager with a boy the same age. It was oral sex

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Teen Nubile Sluts & Porn Addiction

I have been looking at a lot of teen nubile sluts this week and can see why people become porn addicts. Porn is like sex without orgasm, compulsive without being satisfying. You may well ask: why am I wasting my time on porn when I should be writing my new novel? The answer is: my new novel is finished. It is with an editor. And a friend who thinks I deserve some time

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Sex Drive by Ken Finton

Do men have a greater sex drive than women? Many studies have been done to compare the sex drive and sexual appetites of men and women. How many of them have any value to us as individuals?nProbably none, because as individuals we vary greatly. None of us are a typical cross sample because typical samples do not exist. Statistics are mathematical averages like the average temperature in a given month.

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How To Get Free Sex & Money the NLP Way

You can get free sex and better health through an easy method that will save you time and money. A new discovery with proven and guaranteed results will help you achieve your goals and even fall in love. Free sex? And money? Guaranteed results? Have I still got your attention? I certainly should have. According to a 1970s study into Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at Duke’s University Psychology Department, there are

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