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For A Really Good Blowjob Find The Male G-Spot

There is nothing more feminine than a blowjob. You naked on your knees. Your guy with his hand resting on the back of your head. A really good blowjob confirms some primal nostalgia. It puts the world in balance. A really good blowjob is like making a cake, the gathering of ingredients, the mixing and stirring, the slow baking in the warm oven of your mouth. Timing is everything. So is the

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Cervical Orgasm – What is it? How Can I Have One?

Cervical orgasm is the Big Bang that begins life, an upsurge of pleasure that spreads through the entire body until your toes tingle, your eyes press shut and you become weightless, a celestial star released from gravity. Clitoral and related female orgasms arise from pelvic contractions that build to a climax by stimulating the pudendal nerve-system. Cervical orgasm results from exciting the hypo-gastric and vagus nerve-systems and can last for

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Non-Paternity Event Explains My Yearning for a Horse

A “non-paternity event” has broken the chain of the royal line and there is no reason to believe that I should not be the next Queen of England. The Thaulows were Vikings mercenaries who arrived with flowing blonde locks on England’s shores in 1066 with the French King, William the Conqueror, also known as William the Bastard, explaining why the English have branded the French with the B word ever

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30 Things To Do Before 30

Thirty is a turning point. You are no longer in your twenties, clearly, but you are still young enough for there to be things that you feel you should have done and have yet to do. I have compiled this list (which I have yet to complete) to both inspire and make readers think outside their own personal box. The list is designed for self-growth, and for fun. Some of

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Eroticism – Living Life To The Point of Death

‘Eroticism, it may be said, is assenting to life up to the point of death.’ The quote is by Georges Bataille, the one man from history I would have jumped straight into bed with, if only to have learned more about eroticism. Before Bataille, I flirted with Albert Camus, Henry Miller and Martin Amis, whose novel The Rachel Papers I read with a torch after lights out. I rejected Jean-Paul

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Sex is Fun – Especially Threesomes

Bella knows sex is fun and discovers threesomes are even better in this excerpt from The Secret Life of Girls Bella wants to get her family home back after being cheated out of inheritance by her stepfather. She is on a mission to become a pop star and has just seen her idol, Dallas McTee, in concert. Bella scores a backstage pass giving head to one of the roadies and we

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Love Drug Oxytocin Bad for Good Sex

When your clitoris faintly throbs and your nipples tingle for no reason, it is the love drug oxytocin that urges you to dress with perky breasts filling a sheer satin dress, the blood-red gash of your mouth like an invitation to oral sex – immediately. Men presented with this tableau may see you as a mirage, out of reach, game on a far off horizon. When he tries to speak,

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How A Gay Girl Discovered Intentional Sex – Ingrid Druslan

Then She Winked At Me Trays clattered and voices echoed and people rushed through the high school cafeteria. Then Madi Curtis winked at me and the world stood still. A senior with mile-long legs, captain of the swim team, skin so tight it squeaked–smiling and winking at me? Madi lived on Olympus with the other Gods and seniors. It would be sacrilegious for a 10th grader to have impure thoughts

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Eros to Erotic, Porn & Piccadilly Circus

Eros had curly dark hair tumbling over green eyes and sulky full lips. We met when I was a teenager staying with his family in Paris to improve my French. His real name was Yves, but that night when he slipped down the dark corridor into my bedroom, I felt as if I were in the sculpting hands of Eros. Eros is the Greek word for love. The French in

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