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Girl Trade by Chloe Thurlow An Excite novel After being captured by people smugglers, on the perilous journey by boat along the African coast, the girl they call Chengi discovers from the sheikh a taste for the whip and the perverse joys of discipline. Read more... Buy on Amazon

The Secret Life of Girls Chloe Thurlow Excite novel In this a fictionalized memoir of Bella, we meet the marvellously drawn 18 year old shortly after the death of her father. Her scheming mother remarries Simon Daviditz, a lawyer who secretly buys the manor house left in trust to Bella to pay off her father's debts. Read more... Buy on Amazon

A Girls Adventure Chloe Thurlow erotic literatureAn Excite novel When a mysterious stranger gives failed actress Greta May his phone number, she dreams of adventure and plucks up the courage to call him. The moment she enters his flat, he rips off her knickers and spanks her bottom. Read more... Buy on Amazon

Book - Being A Girl A Nexus novel When Milly is late for a vital interview on a sweltering day, casting agent Jean-Luc Cartier pours her some water and holds the glass to her lips. When the water soaks her blouse he instructs her to take it off.
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Book - Sophies secret When Sophie Price catches her boyfriend Jake in bed with the infamous Aisha Cummings, she realizes that 1: she's fed up with Jake anyway, and 2: when it comes to the game of sex, she's still at the starting gate.
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Book - Flight 69 Kelly Conway has never met a man like you read about in the story books. That all changes when she meets the handsome oil man James Swanson on the night flight to Houston and discovers they do things differently in business class.
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Book - Laid And BetrayedBeneath the angelic features of goody, goody Grace Goode is a shameless slut dying to take her clothes off and get spanked. It just needs the right man to say the right words and Charlie Wright was born with a silver tongue in his wide sexy mouth. Read more... Buy on Amazon

Book - Gift Of GirlsMagdalena Wallace is good at maths and scores a great summer job as an intern at city accountants Roche-Marshall where she is trusted to check accounts. She doesn't tell her boss, the darkly mysterious Simon Roche, that she works nights as a waitress at Rebels Casino dressed in fishnets and a corset. Read more.... Buy on Amazon

Book - The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena 168-page writing guide EL James has made $50 million from the Shades of Grey Trilogy. In The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena, best-selling erotic writer Chloe Thurlow reveals the secrets of how it's done. With a point-by-point study of Fifty Shades of Grey, Thurlow provides insider tips on writing romance erotica. Read more... Buy on Amazon

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