Erotic romance writer Chloe Thurlow

Erotic romance and erotica: Because its fun being a girl.

Erotic Romance by Chloe Thurlow

Hi I am Chloe Thurlow, I write erotic romance literature and erotica and my mother doesn’t talk to me.

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What is Erotic Romance?

Erotic romance is my favourite genre – it’s the traditional boy meets girl love story, but with a whole lot more.

I often get asked why I write erotic books and the answer is that erotic literature is just that: literature. It is a form where sex should arise from plot and, yes, while it is there to stimulate, it should be integral to the character’s awareness and development. 

What is the difference between erotica and porn? Porn is pure shock, often brutal, unpleasant, a complete turn off. The erotic should be saucy, sensitive, a glimpse at our own hidden desires and dark side. Porn often describes girls being molested against their will. The erotic takes us on a journey into the realms of our own undiscovered sensuality. And there’s one more thing about erotic literature: it should be fun – kiss, kiss, Chloe.

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