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Connecting the Unknown Self to the Self – by Bliss Lost

We have our known self and our unknown self. Life is a journey connecting the known self to our hidden unknown self. We can be shocked and horrified by whom we truly are. Being shocked and horrified is determined by the environment within which we were born and raised. My first and last gay experience was when I was teenager with a boy the same age. It was oral sex

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Teen Nubile Sluts & Porn Addiction

I have been looking at a lot of teen nubile sluts this week and can see why people become porn addicts. Porn is like sex without orgasm, compulsive without being satisfying. You may well ask: why am I wasting my time on porn when I should be writing my new novel? The answer is: my new novel is finished. It is with an editor. And a friend who thinks I deserve some time

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Sex Drive by Ken Finton

Do men have a greater sex drive than women? Many studies have been done to compare the sex drive and sexual appetites of men and women. How many of them have any value to us as individuals?nProbably none, because as individuals we vary greatly. None of us are a typical cross sample because typical samples do not exist. Statistics are mathematical averages like the average temperature in a given month.

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How To Get Free Sex & Money the NLP Way

You can get free sex and better health through an easy method that will save you time and money. A new discovery with proven and guaranteed results will help you achieve your goals and even fall in love. Free sex? And money? Guaranteed results? Have I still got your attention? I certainly should have. According to a 1970s study into Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at Duke’s University Psychology Department, there are

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Quentin Tarantino – Masterclass in Screenwriting

Movies, says Tarantino, are my religion and God is my patron. I’m lucky enough to be in the position where I don’t make movies to pay for my pool. When I make a movie, I want it to be everything to me; like I would die for it.

Love Locks on the Bridge of Love

Gemma sent me a postcard: “In Paris. September’s best month. Love the Seine and it’s really sunny. Wish you were here … oh, and I just left a couple of love locks on the Pont Des Arts with Gérard.” Love locks? Twin love? Gérard? Who the hell’s Gérard? And how come Gemma went to Paris without telling me? Gemma tells me everything. Usually more than I want to know. Not

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Twin Love – does it really exist?

R.M.Simone Guest Blog Everywhere you look, books on twin love or twin flames flood the shelves in bookshops. The Twilight books affirmed the desire for true love, even if he was a vampire and she a mortal. A Romeo and Juliet love story sits in our base psyches wishing to ‘come alive’. The Enchanted Fairy Tale and classic love stories await being awakened in us all. We all dream of that

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Nude Selfies & The Age of the Selfie

Nude selfies are not vanity or exhibitionism. Nude selfies are a celebration of self. Girls bodies change like bugs into butterflies as we grow up. This change is totally absorbing. From the moment your breasts appear, you want to touch them, turn them, squeeze your nipples. At every spare second, you look into the mirror to see if they have grown bigger. Taking nude selfies, tummy in, breasts out, is

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Writing As A Sexual Act

Saul Wolfe Guest Blog The Great and Good of the British literary establishment have usually preferred to avert their gaze (at least publicly) from erotic fiction. In the first place, it’s marketed as a genre (although one could argue that the ‘literary novel’ is a genre of its own). To make matters worse, it centres on the sexual act, the most private and subversive of human activities. And, regrettably, much

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